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MR Services Essex

Nov 2020 - Lockdown 2

New restrictions will be in place from 5th November. Many local businesses will be closed. We are pleased to announce that we will remain open.

For full details of the new restrictions, please check the Government website 

October 2020 – NHS Contact Tracing App

The smart phone app has now been released for England and Wales. The system uses Bluetooth to keep an anonymous log of people the user has been in contact with. It does this by exchanging randomised keys while the Bluetooth signal strength measures proximity.

If the user falls ill, they update the app, which will then ping their keys to a central server and in turn send them off to all app users in search of a match. Should the system determine a person as a close contact, it will automatically send a notification and issue further guidance.

The Health Secretary recently advised Sky News "Every single person who downloads the app is helping to improve how it can keep us safe. It helps you to keep yourself and your loved ones safe,"

For the safety of our staff, customers and suppliers we have advised all members of staff to install the app.

The app is free to use and can be downloaded here Android or iPhone

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

September 2020 – Focus on “Man with Van” Adverts

The Environment Agency have received increased complaints about adverts on social media for Man with Van waste removal. These traders are usually unlicensed and the rubbish they remove may well end up fly tipped somewhere.

These illegal traders undermine legitimate businesses, cause pollution and a blight on the local area. Unwitting users of these services could face a criminal charge and a fine of up to £400. The EA advise people to check the Waste Carrier Licence, not to pay cash, insist on a receipt and to record details of the vehicle used.

We are fully licenced Waste Carriers – our licence is available to download on our website.

August 2020

Summer is here and we are operating our usual service for supply of topsoil, crushed concrete, aggregates and collection of spoil (muck away).

We have a fleet of tipper and grab lorries for hire to get the materials you require to your site quickly. 

Why not give us a call for competitive pricing. 

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

July 2020

Our industry has been affected by the virus, but things are changing. We are slowly getting back to business as usual.

We would like to thank our customers for their support, patience and understanding in these trying times.

If you are looking for sand, aggregates or muck away please call us or use our online contact form to get in touch.

June 2020 - New Service

We are implementing a new service from our Upminster yard. Along with tipping of hardcore we are now able to accept small loads (transit size) of topsoil. We ask that the soil is clean, inert and free from clay.

We are operating as usual for deliveries of turf, topsoil and aggregates.

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

April & May - Covid-19

25th March Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, our offices are closed until further notice.

1st May Temporary shut down, our offices are still closed.

Our Upminster Yard is open for collections only.
We are working on putting into place measures to ensure the safety of our staff when they return to work, together with the safety of our suppliers and customers.

These measures will include:
Driver Distancing
Contactless delivery
Social Distancing
PPE & Cleaning

We are unable to answer the office telephone, but should you wish to contact us please use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

6th May We are now undertaking some deliveries.  Please call 07850 375 241 to place an order.  Our offices are still closed but we are able to answer queries via email. Please use our online enquiry form.

24th May From Tuesday 26th May we will be 90% back to business as usual.


• Make sure there is enough room on site to house the grab vehicle before you book it. 8 wheeler grabs are approx. 9 ft wide and 22ft long. They load from the side of the vehicle using its bucket and can reach as far out as 8 metres from the centre of the vehicle.
• Think about how much waste you’ll need to dispose of – this will help you decide whether to go for 6 or 8 wheelers. 6 wheelers can hold around 11-13 tonnes and 8 wheelers approx 14-16 tonnes.
• Keep in mind that the cost will vary according to a number of factors: the size of the lorry you require, the type of waste you will be disposing of and where it will be collected from. Grab hire is charged per load for all inert waste types, such as soil, or per load plus tonnage for mixed waste.
• Consider if there are any access restrictions or important factors such as being close to a school.
• Can you sort your waste into soil and hardcore loads to get a reduced price compared to mixed loads.
• Will you need the vehicle at the beginning or end of your project? 

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

Feb 2020 –
Your Data Matters

In 2019 The Information Commissioners Office had a push on the data protection fee. Thousands of sole traders and small businesses were sent a letter requesting they pay the Data Protection Fee.

Here at MR Services we are committed to keeping your data safe and secure. We wrote our Privacy Policy back in 2018, it can be downloaded from our website. We adhere to all current GDPR regulations and are registered with the ICO. To get further details please check their website https://ico.org.uk/ 

Jan 2020 – Why is Grab hire better than Skip hire?

When it comes to waste removal, skip hire is a popular choice. But is it the best option? Read our list of Pros and Cons to help you decide.

Grab Hire Pros
Spoil can be removed in less than 30 minutes
Larger loads can be removed
Compared to a general builder’s skip, a grab lorry is usually significantly cheaper
If you need materials on site they can be delivered at the same time, saving you haulage costs
Environmentally friendly - As the loads are generally soil and hardcore the materials can be recycled

Grab Hire Cons
You have to have all of your spoil available and ready for collection

Skip Hire Pros
A range of sizes are available
A wider range of materials can be disposed of
Skips can be emptied/replaced, giving you a constant waste disposal on site
Skips can be on site for a longer period of time

Skip Hire Cons
You have to estimate the amount of waste you will produce before ordering
You may have to obtain a permit
You will have to manually load a skip
Other people may tip their rubbish in your skip
Generally, skip contents are disposed of to landfill

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

December 2019 – Highlight on Services

MR Services (Essex) Limited are leading suppliers in the South Essex area for crushed concrete, sand and gravel. We also supply muck away grab lorries or tippers. Rain, sun or snow our fleet of lorries are out serving customers.

We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and helpful, friendly staff. Why not complete our online form to request a quote.

Nov 2019 - Focus on Recycled products

T1 crushed - 50mm to 0mm recycled aggregate . Typically used as a hard base to a top coating of asphalt, concrete, shingle or block paving. Our Type 1 Crushed Concrete is made from crushed and screened concrete and brick hardcore.

6F2/6F5 - 6F5 - an unbound, coarse recycled aggregate made from crushed hardcore and concrete and graded from 75mm down to dust. 6F2 can be used as bulk fill to build up levels, a layer below T1 crushed, for firming up soft/we ground or as a temporary hardstanding.

Recycled stone - Recycled Pipe Bedding is made from crushed concrete, brick and reclaimed gravel. This free draining aggregate is available in 10mm and 20mm sizes.

Road Planings - Waste product of road resurfacing, used for hard standing and as a finished surface for building sub-bases and farm tracks.  

MR Services
MR Services Essex

October 2019 – Do you know your speed limits?

Variable Speed Limits – These are in use on “smart motorways” they monitor traffic flow and can make adjustments to reduce congestion.
However, tens of thousands of drivers have been penalised on UK motorways with variable speed limits. Many of those fines were given out even when the motorway was clear and the speed limit was unnecessarily reduced. A review of the way speed limits are automatically calculated is underway.

Fixed Speed Limits – These are the most common kind of limits and are generally identified by a number within a red circle. Speeds differ depending on the vehicle. The most common are:-

Built up areas 30
Single carriageway 60
Dual carriageway 70
Motorway 70

Built up areas 30
Single carriageway 50
Dual carriageway 60
Motorway 60

To keep safe and avoid speeding fines we recommend you check your speedometer regularly, especially when leaving high speed roads and try to be aware of the limits at all times. 

Sept 2019 – Further chaos expected in Thurrock

September sees several weekend closures of the A13 as part of the widening project around the Orsett Cock roundabout.

At the end of August, the A13 was closed in both directions causing traffic chaos. The transport nightmare was compounded by C2C carrying out works and replacement bus services running from/to Stanford-le-Hope.

Local Councillor, Shane Ralph, hit out at the authorities and asked “How was this allowed to happen on the same weekend? Residents of SS17 were basically held hostage in their own towns?”
Unfortunately, locals must endure another weekend of this transport nightmare when the A13 closes for the weekend of 20th September and again C2C have replacement bus services.

The weekend of September 27th sees another weekend closure, thankfully there is no planned maintenance by C2C. For further info check the Thurrock Council website https://www.thurrock.gov.uk/a13-roadworks/widening-a13

We would like to thank our customers for their patience during these frustrating times. 

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

August 2019 – Focus on Muck Away

Muck Away is the generic industry standard term used to describe a range of activities that involve the removal of spoil or waste from a construction site. Recently, the regulation has increased, justifiably so, to ensure the protection of the environment. At MR Services (Essex) Ltd we have built up a wealth of expertise in the removal of all waste to licensed facilities. These may be soil treatment, landfill or our own recycling centre.

We specialise in inert muck away which is defined as 'waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformations and is unlikely to adversely affect other matter with which it comes into contact.' Often included as inert Muck Away is concrete, hardcore and subsoil. Clean concrete and hardcore can be recycled and will generally be at a reduced cost.

If you require further information on muck away classification or competitive pricing, please call us. 

July 2019 – Focus on Driver CPC  

What is CPC?

CPC stands for 'Certificate of Professional Competence'. The term “CPC” is used in other industries, to avoid confusion, in the haulage and transport industries it is known as Driver CPC.

Driver CPC certification is a set of standards applied to initial driver training and continuing education. It ensures that drivers are both competent and capable throughout their career.

Post Brexit, professional drivers of will still require a valid CPC to continue operating in the UK.
All drivers licenced prior to 2008/2009 were afforded grandfather rights that gave them an additional five years to complete their CPC training. This extension expires 9th September 2019.

Here at MR Services our drivers are required to complete regular training to ensure they have completed the relevant 35 hours of training by the deadline. Rest assured that our drivers are all competent and capable.   

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

June 2019 – Environment Agency Crackdown

The EA have issued two Essex companies with fines totalling more than £45,000. A Sub contractor was used to clear a site and sadly they fly tipped the spoil in a Colchester farm.

Here at MR Services we are fully licenced waste carriers with our own recycling centre. We do not engage sub-contractors to dispose of waste. By using MR Services Essex Ltd you can be sure your site spoil will be disposed of correctly.

Why not call one of our friendly team for competitive pricing? 

May 2019 MR Services
Fleet Expansion 

We have taken delivery of a new Volvo FMX420 which is known as “A Construction Giant” Volvo describe it as their toughest, strongest, most robust truck. Capable of transporting large loads in rough conditions without getting bogged down.

This purchase will enable us to service our client’s needs more efficiently.

Why not give us a call for competitive pricing. 

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

April 2019 Highlight on ISO 9001:2015 

What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001 is the international standard for a quality management system. The standard is based on a number of quality management values including a strong customer focus, motivation, continual improvement, risk reduction, customer satisfaction and traceability through the implementation of various management system processes.

Here at MR Services (Essex) Ltd we have embraced the Certification process and used it as a positive means to improve systems we have in place to ensure conformity of the goods and services we provide.

We are pleased to announce that our recent external audit we gained a Grade 1 Pass. 

March 2019 highlight on topsoil 

If you need topsoil for any area of your garden, you need to be careful what you are buying and who you are buying from. You must make sure you use a reputable provider like MR Services (Essex) Limited otherwise you may find yourself with inferior topsoil that is useless for your needs.

What Are the Different types available?
Depending on your requirements, there are three main types of topsoil, these are Premium screened, Eco Screened and BS3882 – they have very different uses and prices.

Economy Screened Topsoil
The soil is passed through a 20mm mesh to ensure that anything larger does not enter the final product.

Premium Screened Topsoil
The soil is passed through a smaller 10mm mesh.

BS3882 Topsoil
The soil is consistently high-quality and is certified to industry standard BS3882 and CLEA model. It undergoes regular laboratory testing for physical and chemical analysis as well as contamination assessment.

Which soil should I chose?
The difference in your choice comes down to how you are likely to use the topsoil. If you are just filling in gaps, general landscaping or laying turf, then the Eco soil will be sufficient. However, if you would like to grow plants, including flowers and vegetables, then Premium soil will be essential to ensure proper growth of your new garden. For developers and local authorities BS3882 soil is recommended.

MR Services Essex
MR Services Essex

February 2019 - Highlight on Licenced Waste Carriers 

Q Who needs to be registered as a waste carrier?

A Anyone that transports someone else’s waste as part of their own trade or for profit must be registered. Additionally, tradespeople who are transporting spoil they have created themselves such as builders carrying rubble and plaster, plumbers carrying old baths or landscapers carrying trees, shrubs or unused turf.

The requirement to be licensed as a waste carrier applies regardless of where the waste is taken. This could be to the carrier’s own premises, someone else’s premises or to a licenced disposal facility. This rule applies to the waste carrier irrespective of whether they are a limited company, partnership or solo trader.

Fines for non-compliance can be up to £5,000. Indeed, in August 2018 The Metro Newspaper published a report of a roofer who was fined £300 for carrying empty crisp packets without a Waste Carrier Licence.
Fly tipping has increased by 140% in the last five years. If your contractor is not licenced they may be fly tipping your waste. If it is personally identifiable, you could be liable for a fine of up to £400.
If you would like to check your contractor is licenced check the public register

By working with us you can be assured that all inert waste is categorised and disposed of at an appropriately licenced site, legally and in accordance with Duty of Care Regulations.

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