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What happens to the material that I put in my skip? That is a very good question and highly relevant to the times in which we live.

Concrete, brick, paving and road planings are turned into new building materials like aggregate, hardcore, crazy paving and stone chippings (quaintly known as Chuckies in parts of Scotland). Metal goes to recycling plants as does paper, plastics, glass and wood, leaving an absolute minimum to end up in landfill, which is most important.



Recycling is at the heart of everything that we do. Conserving our environment and valuable materials has never been more important or more in the public focus than now. At MR Services we are proud to be able to recycle over 90% of all our clients’ waste material.

Recycling isn't just about waste removal and management you know. Many of the recycled building products that we sell are highly decorative. Not to mention great value when you compare our prices to buying the shoe-box sized packs at your local DIY store.

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It's easy to do
Tarmac Waste Removal It saves space and reduces clutter
Good for the environment
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